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January in Utah has so far been extremely warm and almost suspiciously "spring like". But not so fast, Winter will most definitely be hitting us again. And what comes with below freezing temperatures are snow and ice. Here are a few tips on dealing with these harsh winter elements for your swimming pool!

Make Sure the Pool Covers Are Okay

A pool cover is tremendously important to the protection of your pool once the winter snows come howling into your backyard. A high-quality pool cover can keep the frost at bay. Even so, you can’t let it suffer in silence. As unbelievable as it sounds, a mesh cover actually shields your pool better than you might assume.

Be Sure That There is Enough Salt

Yes, we know that this sounds like some odd advice. Specially formulated pool salt will do its part in the endless fight to keep your pool from freezing over – plus the cover pump can help you clean off the covers if you happen to have a saltwater pool or a heavily chlorinated pool. However, we must caution you against using ordinary salt that is used to treat slushy sidewalks, driveways, and roads. That’s because they have additives in them that can do more damage to your pool than actually keeping it safe.

Get It Cleaned Up

Keeping every aspect of your home clean is an immense responsibility. That said, it can boost your mood, and more importantly, it can also count as a form of self-care. If you know that this time of year is already tough for you to traverse, then taking it easy on yourself is even more important than it is throughout the rest of the calendar.

Switch Off the Heater

Once again, we recognize that this will sound bizarre and borderline counterintuitive. Even so, switching off the pool heater is another integral part of proper pool care. The heat can affect the integrity of the cover and also cause your electric and heating bills to rapidly increase especially if you tend to leave them on all year even when they are no longer necessary.

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