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Indoor swimming pools

Swimming is an enjoyable activity any time of the year. However, weather in Northern Utah can eliminate a large portion of the calendar from family fun in the pool. The Salt Lake City based staff here at A Pool & Spa can allow you the ability to swim even when outdoor temperatures are freezing. With the guidance of an experienced indoor swimming pool builder, you can be on your way to year-round fun and excitement.

Latest technology and pool products

We live in an exciting age. Technology is taking nearly every industry by storm, and the indoor swimming pool market in Salt Lake City has many advanced features available for consumers to enjoy. As we plan your commercial or residential project, we can help you incorporate a variety of awesome and convenient extras to make your property stand out. Just some of these include:

  • Hayward ColorLogic LED Lighting- includes an entire family of colors from royal blue to flamingo

  • iPad, iPhone, and Android control over everything from setting the theme for an event to turning on the heat

  • Maintenance tools that make indoor pool ownership easier than ever

saving money with indoor swimming pools

The initial investment in an indoor pool is dependent on what it is you want to accomplish. However, we work with you to ensure you can find the design and features to meet your budget. The great news is that indoor pools are much easier to maintain since they aren’t exposed to outside dust and debris that typically finds its way into outdoor models. Not only does this save you time, but it keeps costs low as well. Just a few other benefits of installing an indoor pool include:

  • More privacy

  • Ability to work out or swim all year long

  • Easy temperature regulation

  • Less chemicals

call today for your free consultation

We’re proud to offer our more than 30 years of experience to increase the quality of your home or property, and we strive to be your guide from start to finish. When you call now, we can schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and budget. Together, we’ll come up with an indoor swimming pool plan that works, so pick up the phone and call us today.

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