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Year Round swimming Pool tips

Do you wish you could relax in your refreshing home swimming pool during the hot months of Summer, but worry you'll only be able to use your pool for the warm months of the year? Think again! We can design your backyard swimming pool to fit your lifestyle all year round!


When winter frost gives way to the sun’s glimmer, bring your poolside landscape into summer-ready form by planting blooming annuals and sun-loving tropical plants. Even if the water is still too cool for a dip, you can lounge poolside among the fragrant landscapes and start working on your summer golden glow.


The dog days of summer see your pool in all its glory. Whether you’re swimming laps just after dawn or hosting backyard pool parties long into warm summer nights, you’ll relish many luxurious hours enjoying the cool waters of your backyard swimming pool.


Enjoy soothing soaks in your steamy spa long into cool fall days. Therapeutic jets soothe sore muscles caused by raking fall’s brilliant shower of leaves. To keep leaves out of your pool, consider installing a pool cover to protect it through the fall and winter months.


Depending on your climate, the crisp days of winter may beg for fireside chats around your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Gather ‘round your outdoor hearth while you roast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa while watching the steam rise from your inviting spa. Place a basket of cozy throws within reach if there’s a frosty nip in the air.

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