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Why swimming pools make the best xmas gift!

There is a growing trend towards giving the gift of experiences rather than goods during the holiday season. While travel is often a top choice, you shouldn’t overlook the possibility of a swimming pool. When you give your family a swimming pool for Christmas, you can give them the gift of their own private getaway mere footsteps away from the comfort of home.

If that isn’t reason enough to surprise the family with a swimming pool for Christmas, here are just a few other reasons why swimming pools make the best present.

Spend More Time Making Memories Together

A decade ago families spent more time sitting around the kitchen table talking about their day and plunking down in front of the television set to watch shows together. These days, everyone has their own device to stare at, and are we ever spending way too much time on them!

Swimming pools are a surefire way to get the kids (and perhaps yourself) off the sofa and out into the great outdoors. Nothing is more irresistible than its sparkling waters and the promise of fun to be had as a family.

Another benefit? Being the house with the pool on the block means having your kids spend more time at home (likely with a few friends, too) rather than wandering around the community. You probably won’t ever even need to tempt the idea of putting a GPS tracking system on their phone.

More Exercise and a Good Dose of Vitamin D

Whether it’s swimming some laps, completing an aquafit regime or simply playing a few rounds of Marco Polo, being outside in the pool is a guaranteed way to sneak in some exercise and get a good dose of vitamin D.

This is more important than ever as the percentage of today’s overweight and obese children and adults are at an all-time high in our country. The evidence showing the importance of vitamin D (like boosting our immunity and promoting stronger bones) continues to mount as well, again proving just how important it is to be outdoors.

A Swimming Pool for Christmas Means a Swimming Pool for Summer

Scheduling your pool build now means that your pool will be built and ready to go as soon as the temperature kicks up a few notches in the spring. There’s no need to wait until summer to take the plunge and make the commitment. Scheduling a consultation today gets the design and build process going in time to have your pool filled and ready for you to enjoy come summer.

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