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With the cold air coming in the valleys as we enter October here in Utah, it's now a good time to consider Pool Covers. Whether you’re using them to reduce costly evaporation, retain heat, keep debris out of the pool, save on chemicals, or close your pool down during winter, a pool cover can go a long way toward saving money and protecting your in ground swimming pool.

There are several different types of pool covers that each serve their own purpose:

Standard Winter Cover

Standard winter covers are an overall trustworthy sturdy type of cover for your pool for various reasons. They safely keep debris and sunlight out of the pool. They are relatively low cost and widely available, not to mention easy to install through the use of strap systems. The downside to the standard winter covers is that they tend to deteriorate after a couple years and they often require maintenance.

Safety Cover

Safety Covers, or security covers, are either mesh or solid and cover the entirety of the pool. These covers provide extra sturdiness and protection by locking over the pool with straps and springs. This protects children and small animals from falling in. Safety covers are more expensive than standard covers and require labor to install, but can be maintained for much longer if properly stored. They are easy to put on and remove and tend to look neater and cleaner than cheaper alternatives.

There are two types of safety covers: Mesh and Solid.


The positives to Mesh covers is that they are lighter, easier to maintain, and they allow water and snow to pass through the tight spaces and into the pool. This means you won't have to deal with maintaining the top and removing the water by the use of a pump or vacuum. The negatives are that these types of covers don't protect the pool from dust particles and sunlight, which inhibits algae growth.Overall, mesh safety covers offer security at a manageable weight and price.


These types of covers offer the most protection being the most solid. Solid covers block all sunlight and particles from entering the pool, preventing algae growth. On a negative note, they are often more expensive although they will last the longest and endure all kinds of debris being done to the pool area.

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