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Reasons to be thankful for your pool this thanksgiving

The swimming pool can definitely be a chore, and the costs of installation and maintenance can most certainly be higher than we'd like. However…

As the Thanksgiving holiday is all about giving thanks, and being all about swimming pools around at A Pool and Spa, this is a great opportunity to explain some reasons why you really should consider giving thanks for your pool.

1. Family Togetherness. After all, Thanksgiving is that one time of year that is all about family near and far. Hopefully for you, this holiday is a time you get to spend time with cousins, aunts, uncles and others not seen during the rest of the year. Having a pool is sort of like that, too. Think about it, there are not too many moments where an entire family is together, having fun, playing, chatting, than being in and around the backyard pool. The pool is the ultimate focal point for pleasant, relaxing family togetherness, and if you have a pool at home, you should be thankful of the times everyone is together in harmony, because as we all know, those moments are fleeting.

2. Fun Times. The pool is the epicenter of summertime fun; why else would you have one? There is nothing like hearing the laughing and splashing about in the pool as you do outdoor work or just sit back and relax. After all, the pool is probably the one place that the kids all have fun together. And adults can have fun in the pool too! Besides yoga, water aerobics or swimming laps, how about some 1-on-1 with the Splash and Slam pool basketball or for teams of all ages.

3. Fitness and Exercise. Moving your workout to the pool not only saves you time and money, but it is actually safer and more effective than dry land exercise. When submerged in water, your body weighs only 10% of its normal weight, and this reduces impact on your muscles, knees and other joints while providing the same levels of cardio exercise. Water exercise is a great form of aerobic exercise, working many different muscle groups with less strain. There is less danger of exercise related injury. The pool is the perfect gym, and right outside your back door.

Hopefully, some of these ideas on giving thanks for having a pool will get you through the darker, colder days of winter that are about to arrive and help you start thinking spring already. And if you live in a climate where the pool is always open, give some thanks that you can enjoy all five of these ideas on Thanksgiving day itself.

I’m not suggesting that your pool be mentioned during grace at the dinner table, but you can give a quick peek and a silent nod to your beautiful pool in the backyard.

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