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Preparing to open your pool!

To take the time and headaches out of opening your pool and getting it up and running, we strongly suggest hiring a service professional. If you are planning on opening your pool yourself this season, the first thing you might be wondering about is what items you’ll need to have on hand.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what items you should have ready before you start to open your inground pool. While others are out at the home improvement stores picking up their supplies on those beautiful 70-degree days, you’ll be in the backyard ready to complete the task.

Cover Pump

We’ve got a lot of snow this winter and chances are there will be standing water on the pool cover that will need to be removed. By having a cover pump on hand, you can start to drain the water gradually instead of waiting until the day you decide to open the pool.

Pressure Washer

If you don’t have a pressure washer and you’re opening the pool yourself, you may want to consider investing in one. Once you’ve gotten all that water off of the pool and have let it dry, you can use a pressure washer to clear off any dried debris so that nothing falls into the pool when you remove the cover.

Pool Testing Kit

Purchase a new pool testing kit so you are fully prepared to check the levels and the quality of your water. These kits test for pH alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine content. If this is your first time testing your own pool water or you are using a new brand, take this time to read the instructions now. This will give you time to research any questions you might have.


Evaluate what chemicals you have left from last season and see what you need to purchase. If you come across expired chemicals, throw them out immediately. When purchasing new pool chemicals for the season, make sure you avoid mixing them with anything leftover from the previous season – even if it’s the same type of chemicals.

The type of chemicals you need will depend on the type of pool you have.

Replacement Parts and Extras

When you closed your pool in the fall, you may have made a list of items that needed to be replaced. Whether it’s the pump or the heater, now is the time to purchase those items. You may also want to pick up an extra filter to make sure your water is swim-ready all summer.

To ensure that the pool is opened quickly and correctly, we always recommend seeking the help of a professional.


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