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How your home size affects size of your pool

A swimming pool can be an incredible addition to your property. The entire family can appreciate a swimming pool that is right inside your own backyard. From lounging on the patio to cooling off in the pool, a swimming pool offers something for everyone. A swimming pool also acts as a decor piece, making your backyard more beautiful and aesthetic than before. However, you need to evaluate your property to see if there is room to properly fit a swimming pool into your backyard’s landscape. The area your property covers, the type of pool you prefer, and the amount of open space in your backyard are all examples of how your home and its size affect your decision to add a pool. Thankfully, A Pool and Spa offer a wide variety of pools in different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find something that meets the right criteria.

Here are some factors to consider when it comes to finding the right size of the pool for your property.

How big is your living space?

All backyards are not made equal. To keep your expectations realistic, you need to find a pool that fits your backyard rather than trying to install a pool that does not align with your backyard. It is important to maximize the use of the living area of your backyard to create something that is perfect for your space. A Pool and Spa offers consultations to help you pick the perfect size for your backyard.

How much open area does your backyard have?

Backyards are not made in standardized sizes. The amount of open space in your backyard dictates the shape and size of the pool you can get. When thinking of a size for a pool, most people think of dimensions. However, modern swimming pools can come in any shape and size. Instead of thinking of a rectangular-shaped swimming pool, you can incorporate a shape that makes the most of the existing open area while adding more aesthetic appeal to your property.

Do you have an existing patio setup?

Most people spend more time on their patio than they do in their swimming pool. You can converse, lay down in the sun or even host parties on your patio. If you already have a deck or a patio, there is more room for your pool. However, if you are building a patio from scratch, you will need to set aside some space, making your swimming pool relatively smaller.

No matter what size or shape of pool you choose, the expert team at A Pool and Spa is sure to cater to all your needs and create a pool you are sure to cherish for all your life.

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